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Every business needs a website due the changing way that we now search for services, products and just about everything else via online.

The websites I build are directly from the brief given by the client, but I also add my expertise if I feel that the clients site could be improved or made more effective in some way.


Having a fantastic looking website is great but without ranking well on search engines such as Google its just a waste of time. That is why I include SEO (search engine optimization) into all websites that I build, and don’t do this as an after thought once the website is completed. This technique and my knowledge of this sector has helped gain many of my websites top 5 Google rankings.

No one can guarantee they will get your website to number one on Google (even though I receive many spam emails every day from companies claiming they can do just this). The organic ranking of a website is made up of several factors and depends on the competition for the key words you wish your site to rank well for. If there is a lot of competition for the key words you want your website to rank well for then more time and money will be required to archive this.

Anailzing the site to the left is currently ranking 2nd on Google for ‘nail hayle technician’ below a big website and above a popular Facebook page with over 1800 Likes.  This was a simple one page website that was completed for under £550, including all the graphic design branding and logo work.








Cornwall Oven Cleaning is another company I run which 6 Months after launching the website was ranked number 1 on, and for key search phrases such as “oven cleaning in cornwall”.

This was easily achievable due to the online presence of oven cleaners in Cornwall not being very high. So for areas where there is not a lot of competition a good ranking is very possible, very quickly.

To contrast this Holiday Letting websites are very competitive in Cornwall and therefore obtaining a high ranking for broad search terms like “holiday let Cornwall’ requires a lot of time and effort. This is due to most Holiday Letting Agencies employing at least one person full time working to ensure they rank well on search engines.

Even in competitive areas like holiday lettings it is still possible to build a website for under £800 that ranks highly on Google. But instead of using broad key words you need to select more focused words like “luxury  bungalow hayle” which a client of mine selected for his website and now that ranks number one for this term.



I have worked on website from Plumbers to Builders, form Self Storage Companies to Building Surveyors.

Social Media


Websites can be linked to social media pages and profiles for increased user interaction.




Most businesses need a portfolio style website to show there services and work which should cost £400 and up to £800 for higher page websites.


Multiple Revisions


Multiple revisions of the website are available so that all aspects of the site are just as the business requires.



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