Opening Your Life – Through a Lens

A life through a lens is an important aspect of getting what you want from life. A life through a lens is not about getting what you don’t want, but it is about getting the most from your potential. In fact, one of the most interesting and important books I’ve read recently was called “How to Get What You Want From Life.” If you want to change the direction of your life, go read it!

In a life through a lens metaphor, life itself is a lens. As a child, life is a zero-sum game. The life of a child doesn’t have a life of its own. Life and death are the same game. It’s the opposite of how the world works, and it’s good because in the zero-sum game, there is only winning and losing.

So what I’m saying is that when you want something, like a new outfit, a life or death game, as a child, you’ll have to give something up. You may not like it, but your parents will do it anyway.

When you’re a child, you have no more potential. Your life is limited to the time you live in. Therefore, your choices are limited by the life you choose to live in.

It is only once you reach adulthood that your life will start to expand. As an adult, you can choose your life’s future. However, if you were always following the default lifestyle of your parents, you’d be stuck with a life that didn’t make you happy.

By allowing yourself to be open to your possibilities, it’s much easier to move through life. Because you’re open to the possibilities of life, you’re allowing your life to grow. And that growth can result in great things.

Remember, when you’re opening yourself up to a new life, you are freeing yourself from the limitations of your past. You will no longer have to follow the default lifestyle of your parents. And you’ll also no longer have to conform to the rules they set for you.

If you allow yourself to expand your horizons, the options available to you become many times greater than before. You will be able to choose your life’s direction. But the bottom line is this: you are still choosing your life’s future.

Don’t let your parents make you feel like you don’t have any real choice in the matter of your life. Life doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game.

It’s important to remember that it’s a choice whether or not you’re going to be able to expand your own life, and your potential. Whether you choose a life through a lens metaphor or not, the fact remains that it’s all a choice.

Don’t think that life is limited by what you can do. Life is a lot bigger than what you can do. When you allow yourself to expand your horizons, your life will improve.

Changing your life requires you to change who you are. There is nothing wrong with this. If you were always born to be a servant, where would you be? And as long as you believe that you are a servant, you will be, no matter what kind of servant you chose to be.